One World, Under SOA?

Analyst Ronald Schmelzer of Zapthink writes in a recent report that the concept of service-oriented architecture is rapidly taking hold across the globe.

“ZapThink has seen surprising and substantial uptick in SOA adoption in Australia, India, Korea, China, Singapore, parts of Latin and South America, and the Middle East,” he writes in a research report posted on “Many of these global initiatives have a particular industry bent, such as a strong telecommunications presence in Korea, banking and insurance in Australia, government in Singapore, manufacturing and services in China and India, and retail in the Latin and South American regions.

“But regardless of the reasons why SOA is being adopted in those regions, it is clear that no particular region is that far behind the rest of the pack. Indeed, it seems the world is moving in relative lock-step down the path towards SOA.”

Read the research in full here.

About the Author

Chris Kanaracus is the news editor of Redmond Developer News.