AutomatedQA Adds Vista Support

AutomatedQA, the Las Vegas-based testing-tools maker, has upgraded its flagship TestComplete product to include support for Windows Vista applications. The newly released TestComplete 5 also supports Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 Web testing.

"We're trying to free developers and QA departments from the massive drain on time and energy required by manual testing," says Drew Wells, vice president of product development at AutomatedQA. "And the Firefox and IE 7 support is something our users have been clamoring for."

The ability to automate the testing phase of application development is almost a competitive requirement today, says Gartner analyst Thomas Murphy. Automated testing procedures help to alleviate the risks associated with time-intensive testing processes, which are fraught with human error. Automated testing ultimately enables organizations to deliver higher quality apps more quickly, asserts Murphy. "Software development teams that continue to manually test software applications run the risk of lengthy development and testing cycles and delivering poor-quality products," he says.

The shear complexity of the software being developed today is another driver in this market, says AutomatedQA's chief scientist, Atanas Stoyanov. It is leading development and QA organizations of all sizes to explore automated testing products. "Testing complex applications is an incredible hassle," Stoyanov says. "Anything you can do to simplify the process is going to make you more efficient, and it's going to give you better software."

    TestComplete's new features and capabilities include:
  • The ability for developers to create user-defined forms to be displayed during test execution. More than 20 built-in controls help the user create a form asking testers to select various testing scenarios or to specify the initial test condition.
  • Support for testing of Windows Presentation Framework applications and improved support for .NET and Java applications.
  • The ability to run test applications under different user accounts.
  • Enhanced name mapping: TestComplete 5’s Name Mapping engine provides special property templates to recognize Win32, .NET, VCL and other objects. Instead of specifying properties and their values manually, users can now simply select a template.
  • Improved integration with AutomatedQA's AQtime 5 performance testing product. This includes better scripting objects and user interfaces. In the Tested Applications editor, developers can specify whether a tested application will be run with AQtime 5.

TestComplete 5 is available now for download.

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