ElectricCommander Automates Post-coding Development Tasks

Software production management provider Electric Cloud has rounded out its suite of products with ElectricCommander, an enterprise-class solution that automates the build, package, test and deploy stages of software development. The new module completes an end-to-end software development lifecycle suite that includes ElectricAccelerator, which accelerates build and test operations, and ElectricInsight, which provides diagnostic visibility into the software production process.

ElectricCommander promises to boost development steps that follow coding, by eliminating manual processes and the use of homegrown scripts. The company is aiming the solution at enterprise-class development shops and ISVs facing increasingly complex build and test environments.

While notable competitors such as IBM Rational BuildForge exist, Electric Cloud representatives say its product is the only one that addresses the latter stages of software development and builds.

For information about ElectricCommander and Electric Cloud, go to the website at, or call 650-968-2950.

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