V.i. Delivers Knight in Shining Armor for Developers

Developers may sleep better knowing there’s a new security blanket out there that promises to protect their builds from piracy and reverse engineering. And the product–applied post production–requires no source code modification.

Waltham, Mass.-based V.i. Laboratories released the latest version of its CodeArmor software earlier this week, providing enterprises with greater intellectual property protection. The solution, which supports 32-bit Windows apps and .NET apps, meshes execution monitoring and intrusion prevention to make the apps less penetrable. Once applied, CodeArmor ensures protection wherever the app is deployed, with no impact on dev resources.

“Organizations need a comprehensive set of counter measures to actively guard against piracy cracks and the theft of intellectual property resident within their software applications,” said David Pensak, CTO and founder, V.i. “However, many software vendors are reluctant to implement solutions that require source code modification or complex security infrastructure.”

The latest version features a graphical user interface designed to configure the necessary level of protection for each app, and new measures that detect reverse engineering threats, which is the process of deconstructing existing apps with the intent of uncovering design clues. Reverse engineering is most commonly used to pirate software, steal IPs and develop malicious software.

CodeArmor includes a software dev kit that lets enterprises extend authorization and encryption to existing apps without source code changes. The kit also lets vendors integrate CodeArmor with existing authorization and software DRM framework, enabling them to bind their apps to specific machines and integrate them with DRM systems. And the product supports government-standardized Advanced Encryption Standard, a block cipher that safeguards against reverse engineering.

Government agencies and enterprises have already embarked on CodeArmor deployment, particularly to combat trade fraud, illegal immigration, drug and weapons smuggling, and terrorism. According to V.i. reps, one user is a leading provider of detection equipment. The client uses CodeArmor for the purpose of protecting sensitive embedded apps (which the company deploys worldwide) within their system.

The solution starts at $18,500 for enterprises but custom pricing options are offered to independent software vendors. CodeArmor 2.0 is available now.

About the Author

Jason Turcotte is an assistant editor at Application Development Trends. He can be reached at [email protected].