CEP Software Plugs Into SOA, Web Services Integration

The latest release of a Complex Event Processing solution lets developers take Web services to new heights, with expeditious processing and publishing functions for XML data streams. And the software includes plug-n-play integration with service-oriented architectures.

This week Coral8 announced the availability of its Coral8 Engine Version 4.4–a product aimed at maximizing enterprises’ investments in SOA, Web services and ESBs. The goal is to speed the dev process of CEP apps through native XML data stream features including adapters for receiving XML data, improved CCL functions for integrated data processing, and enhanced CCL functions that help disburse the data to disparate apps.

"As companies continue to invest in SOA, ESB and Web services, they’re adding even more complex event-driven, XML-based data sources across the enterprise, " said Terry Cunningham, CEO, Coral8. "Our focus is to keep the Coral8 Engine on top of these fundamental shifts in enterprise-class data management. "

Rather than slowly decomposing XML data in traditional CEP processing methods, Coral8 Engine enables developers to run the data throughout each stage of the process, avoiding convoluted programming. And the Engine strives to provide developers with a standards-based approach to Web services.

The software’s CCL adapters are based on SQL/XML and XPath. It also allows orgs to recycle data assets and programming procedures. Coral8 reps say those features–combined with its stream processing architecture–simplifies CEP development, reduces dev time and reduces costs accrued during SOA-Web services integration.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company also offers a developer version free to download. Engine 4.4 is available now.

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Jason Turcotte is an assistant editor at Application Development Trends. He can be reached at [email protected].