AJAX-based Platform Lets Users Share Apps With the World

Whether applications are accessed strictly within an enterprise or developers need to share Web-based docs with outside parties, one content sharing platform is using AJAX technology to enhance search and browse features for its on-demand service.

Last week Pandesa released version 2.0 of its ShareSpace platform, which lets users store, share, search and recycle biz docs securely and quickly. Apps including doc management, doc control, content repositories, media libraries, knowledge bases, patent libraries, digital asset management and clinical data capture are under developers’ fingertips, thanks to improved search functions.

Collaborative businesses are finding the most value in the Web 2.0 service. Companies like Foster Enterprises, a real estate development firm in Redwood City, Calif., use the platform to keep clients, contractors, consultants and other stakeholders apprised of projects through app access. Before Pandesa it was difficult for the firm’s project managers to share such files.

“Pandesa has proven to be a simple, effective and easy-to-use data management solution, which gives us the capabilities of sharing an entire office full of files with outside associates who would normally have little or no effective means of accessing important project information on their own,” says Dan Jones, project manager, Foster Enterprises. “We now have the ability to access useful project files any time on any computer with an Internet connection.”

According to John Badger, Pandesa’s VP of sales, the rich Web 2.0 features create a user experience comparable to the most up-to-date photo sharing sites. ShareSpace search results now display thumbnail image previews of each doc’s first page. These images are zoom-able with the click of a mouse, expedite the search process, and work with more than 300 file types from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Adobe Illustrator.

The latest version of ShareSpace is available now and users can sign up at no cost.

About the Author

Jason Turcotte is an assistant editor at Application Development Trends. He can be reached at [email protected].