Python planning new beta release

Promising speed, new language features and upgrades, Python is just weeks away from releasing the final version of its 2.5 software. A second beta of Python 2.5 was released last week to address last-minute bugs and solicit feedback from programmers.

Version 2.5 is said to include new generator features, improved modules, build and C API changes, improved built-ins, new language functions and a speedier programming process.

Python found a niche with programmers because of its compatibility with multifarious domains, allowing developers to build flexible data code at a rapid rate. The language modules can be written in C, C++, Java for Jython or .NET for IronPython. The open-source language integrates with COM, .NET and CORBA, and runs on Windows, Linux, OS/2 and Mac systems.

Austin, Texas-based Journyx Technology is one company implementing the language. Specializing in app hosting, time and expense Web solutions, and other professional services, Journyx uses Python for its software source code, the code that maintains its Web site and the code that maintains its ASP sites.

“It increases our speed of development and keeps us several steps ahead of competitors while remaining easy to read and use. It’s as high level of a language as you can have without running into functionality problems,” says Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “I estimate that Python makes our coders 10 times more productive than Java programmers and 100 times more than C programmers.”

Since releasing the first beta version, Python has remedied a number of bugs and added a new function to the language. The new ‘sys._current_frames’ feature now recognizes deadlocks and other troubleshooting issues developers may stumble upon.

The Python 2.5b2 is available now to download. A final version is due in early August.

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