Awaresoft releases Aware IM 2.0

Awaresoft released Aware IM 2.0 Web database management software, which the company says allows solution-focused developers and experienced computer users to create comprehensive Web database applications without programming.

The new version offers internationalization support, a flexible user interface and more than 40 other new features and improvements. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and is able to work with several popular SQL database engines.

Aware IM simplifies database management, user interface and business logic, according to Awaresoft. Aware IM automatically creates and alters database tables, managing links between related data and creating SQL queries. Aware IM automatically generates HTML-based Web user interface with menus, forms and search result tables.

In Aware IM business logic is specified as business rules, rather than scripts. The built-in rule engine automatically executes business rules when necessary. Awaresoft says standard functionality includes automatically generated personalized documents, processing of outgoing and incoming e-mails, flexible access control, Java plug-ins, automatic Web services and full Web support.