EII: XIP grows with data governance capabilities

A popular enterprise information integration (EII) platform has grown. And the latest version provides developers with the might to manage data integration deployments across large enterprises.

This week Ipedo released a new version of XIP, an EII platform that governs transactional support across multiple sources to meet info needs of large enterprises. Version 4.2 hones in on biz details among database tables, Web apps, spreadsheets and docs. According to the Redwood City, Calif.-based company, these features will enable developers to better manage and understand such data sources.

XIP 4.2 also accommodates the movement towards service-oriented architectures (SOA) by enabling enterprises to integrate Web services with data from relational sources or packaged apps, publishing them as either new SOAP or REST Web services or utilizing the info for BI apps through SQL.

“Organizations are caught between providing wider access to data for better decision making and new regulatory requirements that restrict data access,” says Nick Zhang, CEO of Ipedo. “Ipedo provides a framework for creating a flexible and secure data services layer that allows our customers to balance a strong governance and transparency with robust, on-demand data integration across the enterprise.”

XIP 4.2─which serves as a single virtual data source for apps within existing biz databases and Web services─provides such data governance in a few ways. Expanded logging capabilities provide a more efficient tracking and audit system of user activity and impact analysis lets users see how data source changes alter views. Data lineage tools provide IT managers with traceable views of the source data. And enhancements are said to provide developers with higher-performing tools for queries on specialized data sets.

On July 17 Ipedo will release XIP 4.2 for Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux, on a per-CPU pricing basis. A complete set of XIP demos are available on Ipedo’s Web site.