Data modeling eases systems integration

When it comes to integrating biz and manufacturing systems, some say data modeling makes the best sense. And new software is said to develop models that can represent any plant, production facility or manufacturing operation.

Mission Viejo, Calif.─based Incuity released version 2.3 of its EMI software, with features that “embed” the ISA 95 model for an ideal production environment and heightened simplicity for those accessing the data.

“Deploying a model simplifies user access to all production data because people don’t need to know where the data is located or how to access specific information,” said Doug Lawson, CEO for Incuity. “They can configure their activities around the model instead of programming specific tasks, which also makes it easier to accommodate change and evolution in a model-based production process.”

The model method organizes info in a manner that does not require technical language. This enables users to access equipment, materials and labor resources without having to familiarize themselves with the specifics of each software app used in the production process. And the info is presented in a more readable format─formats that include dashboards, reports and trends. Whether a company utilizes the ISA 95 or creates its own model for EMI, it automatically updates all data changes.

And Lawson says Incuity brings simplicity to the modeling process, enabling easy integration of biz and manufacturing systems. “This facilitates navigation and data access, and groups related data from different sources to provide an enterprise-wide view of manufacturing.”

The software provides standards-based compatibility to nearly all database systems, the most popular process historians and up to 70 disparate families of real-time control data sources. It also offers broad connectivity to nearly all data sources from plant floor systems to enterprise biz apps. EMI promises to manipulate, view and share data throughout larger orgs within a business, allowing users to review the data through app software already in use─word processors, spreadsheets, graphics, data mining or BI programs.

EMI version 2.3 is available now.