Multilingual CMS project jumps leaps and bounds for Java

Managing your own Web apps just got easier. An upgrade to a free, multilingual Java Content Management System (CMS), with a full-text search engine, now provides customized questionnaires, visitor statistics and topic-based forums.

Blandware’s AtLeap version 0.51 is ported to the new version of Lucene 2.0.0. The CMS is designed to create content-based sites and Web apps with complicated biz logic. The latest version of AtLeap also addresses bugs, and offers other new features.

AtLeap’s CMS enables developers to modify text and maintain content during the dev process as needed by ever-changing customer demands. And the CMS allows IT to shift its workload to those who may not have a solid grasp of HTML. The modules in version 0.51 include:

  • News with publication and expiration dates;
  • Testimonials with random showing;
  • Contact us feature;
  • Site map with auto generation;
  • Topic-based forums;
  • Customizable questionnaires with line, multiline, checkbox, radiobutton, list and multilist options;
  • Visitor stats including browsers, monitor resolution, entry pages, exit pages, browsing paths, search engines and search keywords.

AtLeap lets developers change fonts and colors, insert lists, tables, images, flashes and links through rich text formatting. And content can be stored in several languages simultaneously, edited through the Web interface.

The AtLeap project is based on the AppFuse project, which has integrated open-source practices. AtLeap is available under the Apache 2.0 license.