StreamBase, AMD launch Da Vinci contest for codejockeys

StreamBase Systems has found a unique way to promote its complex event processing software, which uses StreamSQL to enable enterprise users to query large volumes of real-time and stored data. The Lexington, Mass. company is partnering with AMD to host weekly puzzle-solving contests for programmers on a newly launched Web site, "The Quest for the Da Vinci Coder." The idea, according to the company, is to provide programmers, developers, and business people with the opportunity to test-drive an enterprise-class complex event processing platform through a fun, interactive, and intellectually stimulating competition.

This week, StreamBase announced extended app integration and features such as expanded storage options for its StreamBase Processing Engine. StreamBase Chronicle, which is available in an Early Adopter Program, offers a new event warehouse capability. Chronicle can query 1.9 billion rows (a year of exchange tick data) in less than a minute, at a rate of 34 million trades/second, according to the company. StreamBase also unveiled what it calls an “Event Persistence and Performance roadmap.” 

To kick-off The Quest for The Da Vinci Coder, StreamBase premiered the contest's movie trailer at the SIA Technology Management Conference. The trailer, a parody of "The Da Vinci Code" movie, provides a humorous portrayal of the challenges faced by skilled software programmers. The new Web site also features a streaming data video game. Contestants will be prompted to download the StreamBase Developer Edition, which helps answer puzzles and provides access to sample apps for market data processing and trading analytics. Additionally, sample quote and trading data are available to help jump-start the app dev process.

Players will have the opportunity to compete amongst their peers to win weekly prizes valued at $1,000. These weekly prize packages include a Bose home theatre system, an iPod ultimate collection, an Xbox 360 premium bundle, or the opportunity to donate winnings to a favorite charity. The grand prize, which includes being named "The Da Vinci Coder," is valued at more than $10,000 and offers a tour of London and Paris, a zero-gravity experience, a "take the money & run" option, or the opportunity to generously donate the full prize dollar amount to a charity of the winner's choice.

The Quest for The Da Vinci Coder is a peer-to-peer contest developed and run by StreamBase Systems. Phase one of the 'Quest' officially begins on Monday, July 3rd and ends August 21st, 2006. Phase two, with additional details to be announced on July 24th, begins August 14th and ends on September 18th. Phase two, with additional details to be announced on July 24th, begins August 14th and ends on September 18th. Prizes are only available for U.S. residents. The site is in no way affiliated with Dan Brown or Sony Pictures.