New ESB Federation integrates multiple platforms

SOA Software’s ESB Federation solution, launched this week, combines technology from its Service Manager product with the Network Director technology it acquired in early May with Blue Titan. The new Network Director enables unrelated ESB platforms to deploy centrally-defined policies and interoperate in a reliable, secure and high-performing messaging environment, according to the company.

And analysts say they’re seeing more and more large-scale enterprises managing multiple ESBs from different vendors.

“Enterprise Services Buses have been painted as the sole infrastructure solution necessary to implement Service-oriented Architectures,” says Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst, ZapThink. “However, the reality is that ESBs represent only one type of additional infrastructure that must be integrated if they are implemented in a disparate, propriety fashion. By building a mechanism by which companies can federate and consolidate their disparate ESB implementations, SOA Software is aiming to bring the industry closer to the vision of truly loosely-coupled, composable and abstracted services that move us away from integrating islands of IT functionality.”

The makers of ESB Federation hope to promote increased adoption of ESB platforms among larger enterprises. And according to Frank Martinez, executive VP, SOA Software, the product lets such enterprises maximize their investments in advanced technologies provided by some of the leading platform vendors.

ESB Federation, which incorporates SOA’s Service Manager, Network Director, Partner Manager and SOLA functions, is available now. For more, see