Free, seamless way to Web 2.0 frameworks

JBoss says it has released for general availability, JBoss Seam 1.0, a new framework for Web 2.0 apps that integrates AJAX, JavaServer Faces, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, Java portlets, BPM and workflow.

JBoss Seam 1.0 is free to download and use under the GNU Lesser General Public License and works with any app server that supports EJB 3.0, including JBoss.

The app is designed to eliminate complexity at the architecture and API level, the company says, and enables developers to assemble complex Web apps using plain-old Java objects, componentized UI widgets and simple XML. That’s done by extending the EJB 3.0 programming model into the Web app stack, JBoss says.

Key features of JBoss Seam 1.0 include EJB-based development that makes all objects look like EJBs; AJAX-based remoting layer, designed to call session beans from the browser via AJAX; declarative state management for the application state as a way to reduce potential bugs; and support for process-driven apps that make it easier to implement complex workflow and page flow apps.