Compuware extends Vantage to support .NET and Java

Compuware enhanced its application service management solution Vantage with full-time monitoring and root cause analysis for .NET apps. These additions round out the company’s Web services solution, enabling end-to-end, transaction-level support for hybrid .NET and Java apps.

In many orgs today, IT managers lack the visibility into complex interrelationships and rely on silo-focused tools and processes. According to Milind Govekar, research VP, Gartner, "Approximately 40 percent of service downtime is caused by application-related failures, and [it] is even higher for the newer generation of service-oriented architecture applications. IT organizations need to get better at managing the full life cycle of applications. Application management needs to be a specific activity requiring specialized experience and skills, ideally spanning the plan, build and run stages of an application."

Vantage now supports performance analysis of both Java and .NET apps, which enables IT to trace a hybrid app front to back for quick problem resolution. Additionally, the application continually captures and analyzes app performance characteristics to give call-level visibility and isolation into the inner workings of Java and .NET apps, according to the company.

Based on an expert system, Vantage generates a comprehensive performance analysis report for a selected transaction. The resulting MS Word document identifies the app bottleneck at both detail and summary levels, and then presents the findings with Executive Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations, and Results and Discussion sections.

Compuware Product Manager Lloyd Bloom says, "In this release, our focus has been on expanding our depth of analysis for Web services and in improving the communication bridge between the operations team and the application development team."