Sunbelt Software announces third-gen messaging security

Sunbelt Software recently released Sunbelt Messaging Ninja, its new third-generation enterprise messaging security solution for Microsoft Exchange. The product includes antivirus, antispam and antiphishing features, and attachment filtering, which is free for a limited time.

Ninja’s Suspicious Mail Attachment Removal Technology filters attachments based on whether the e-mail is inbound, outbound or internal and not at the gateway. Ninja uses both Authentium and BitDefender engines for virus scanning, and employs Cloudmark’s spam scanning engine in addition to Sunbelt’s.

Ninja’s Sender Policy Framework defends against phishing attacks by ensuring e-mails originate from their claimed domain, and supports Real Time Blackholes for an additional layer of spam protection, the company says.

RadioFrame Networks has been using Ninja during extensive field testing. "Since upgrading to and installing Sunbelt's Messaging Ninja, RadioFrame Networks has experienced a severe drop in spam and malicious e-mails while still maintaining low false-positives," says Christopher Smith, information systems manager for RadioFrame Networks."

Ninja can be purchased for use corporate wide or per mailbox. First year support, upgrades and maintenance are free, and users already using Sunbelt’s iHateSpam can also upgrade antispam functionality free.