QualityLogic launches XPSLab dev tools

QualityLogic recently announced the availability of XPSLab, a developer toolset for document testing and analysis in the new Microsoft XPS format. XPSLab features three utilities: StatGen, for statistical analysis; PrintTicketer, for editing PrintTicket settings and attaching them at any level; and Parts Assembler, for reassembling XPS files that have been separated for rendering and printing, so that users can view, analyze and edit them.

QualityLogic says XPSLab focuses on engineers and developers who need to ensure their products’ compatibility with XPSDocument. Zoran Corp., one of XPSLab’s first users, said the toolset is improving interoperability for their new IPS/XPS interpreter, and speeding its time to market.

According to QualityLogic, the company will develop more utilities for XPSLab as the technology matures. Although the company began shipping a beta in March 2006, the suite’s first release is slated to ship in phases synchronized with Microsoft’s actual ship dates in May thru September of this year. The company says purchasers of earlier releases will get subsequent versions free.