Software AG announces legacy integration adapters for SAP NetWeaver

COBOL remains the most widely deployed programming language in big business, says Gary Barnett, research director of Ovum. It accounts for 75 percent of all computer transactions with more than 200 billion lines of code in production and growing 3 percent to 5 percent annually. These apps can now integrate with SAP NetWeaver, according to Software AG, which recently announced the extension of its Legacy Integrator adapter family.

The SAP-certified NetWeaver XI adapters are integrated into the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure. The company claims the adapters feature fast integration of existing legacy apps, and fast business process with real-time data exchange. Apps running on mainframes, iSeries or UNIX can be incorporated into NetWeaver, and communication, either synchronous or asynchronous, is bi-directional, and can be initiated by legacy apps or by an SAP process.

“Besides the high stability and performance of the adapters, we also found they were extremely well integrated into SAP NetWeaver XI—an important aspect if you aim for reduced complexity and reduced TCO,” says Sonia Bertocco, CIO of ThyssenKrupp.

The Legacy Integrator family for SAP NetWeaver now includes the SAP NetWeaver XI Adapter for COBOL, the SAP NetWeaver XI Adapter for PL/I, the SAP NetWeaver XI Adapter for Natural and the SAP NetWeaver XI Adapter for EntireX.