DICOM Group announces Kofax Document Scan Server

Dicom Group recently announced the Kofax Document Scan Server, a product that adds scanning capabilities to business apps without the need for additional hardware, software or process disruption. Eliminating specialized drivers, the company claims, saves money previously allocated to IT setup, training and troubleshooting.

The Kofax Document Scan Server has three major features: an SDK, a simple appliance and a management console. The company claims the kit leverages SOAs, giving developers the ability to integrate scanning into apps regardless of OS. In addition, adding scanning capabilities to an existing app is less disruptive to workflows and makes for a more efficient and effective business processes, Dicom says.

The Document Scan Server can also be used with Kofax's Ascent platform to optimize business processes and satisfy compliance requirements. According to the company, Scan Server caters to paper-intensive industries like financial services, healthcare, transportation/logistics and government that already have information capture solutions in place.

The Kofax Document Scan Server will be available this summer.