Sun’s Java EE 5 wins unanimous JCP approval

The Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 specification was approved by the Java Community Process Java EE/SE Executive Committee in a unanimous vote last week. The spec brings ease-of-development features and a simplified component model to the platform.

"Java EE 5 accelerates and radically simplifies enterprise Java development by removing boilerplate code, relying upon reasonable defaults whenever possible, and providing a broader set of commonly used utility classes," says Bill Shannon, distinguished engineer and JSR 244 Spec Lead, Sun Microsystems.

It is the most significant update of the enterprise platform’s programming model since the launch of J2EE 1.2 in December 1999, according to Sun.

With more than 30 licensees, Java EE is a popular platform for Java and Web services deployment. BEA, JBoss, IBM, Oracle, and SAP are among the first licensees to announce endorsements for the Java EE 5 edition of the platform.

Java EE 5, described by JCP Java Specification Request 244, includes innovations provided by more than 30 community experts and completed public review in August 2005. In all, 23 individual JSRs focusing on support for the latest Web services and service-oriented architecture technologies, a major revamp to the programming model, and simplified Web app creation make up the Java EE 5 specification. A list of these JSRs is available online.

As a result of the JCP vote, the Java EE 5 Software Development Kit and Compatibility Test Suite are expected to be made available to developers during the 2006 JavaOne Conference event, as Sun engineers complete those distributions based on the final Java specification.