Ubiquity launches developer network for SIP apps

Ubiquity Software announced Monday it is launching the Ubiquity Developer Network, a community of developers, partners and customers who share an interest in developing services based on the SIP standard. The company claims UDN will shorten time-to-market and expand the availability of a broader range of new multimedia Internet apps, such as VoIP, multiplayer gaming and location-based services.

Ubiquity aims to fill a gap in the market for new SIP apps for fixed line, wireless and IMS networks. According to a report by Venture Development, the growth of VoIP and new SIP infrastructure and software apps will drive the worldwide market to more than $5.5 billion by 2007. "By gathering all the members of the value chain, UDN will be able to both combine and create new IMS services that will lead to higher ARPU for fixed, mobile and cable operators,” says Ronald F. Gruia, senior telecom analyst with Frost & Sullivan.

More than 30 companies have joined UDN, including HP, Nokia and Qualphone, serving a variety of roles from technology partners and service providers to ISVs. Ubiquity has established an online community for UDN that provides access to developer resources. In addition, UDN members can also access business development opportunities via the site, such as business cases and RFQs/RFPs issued by carriers for apps development and integration.