SAP-certified Knowledge Pack launched for assembly of composite apps

Above All Software is rolling out the Knowledge Pack for the SAP R/3 Enterprise solution release 4.7. The Knowledge Pack enables companies to mine services from their existing implementations of SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7 and automatically generate business services. This capability accelerates the assembly and deployment of composite apps that integrate SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7 with other front- and back-office solutions, according to the company.

In addition, Knowledge Pack has achieved SAP certification for its integration with SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7. The certified integration functions include discovery of SAP R/3 Enterprise BAPI metadata using the SAP Business Object Repository API and SAP Web Application Server Release 6.20 Web Service Browser, as well as dynamic execution of SAP BAPIs through the SAP Web AS 6.20 SOAP Processor.

Above All is working with a number of companies who are looking to use SAP R/3 Enterprise functionality in various composite app scenarios. For example, a company looking to automate its order management function across multiple departments can assemble a composite app that integrates SAP order management and a hosted sales force automation solution to increase account manager productivity. Further, the company could easily integrate a third-party forecasting solution to the composite application to create more reliable sales forecasts. And depending on the role of the users, the composite app can be deployed within various user interfaces, from the hosted SFA solution to a new custom interface.

"In our work with numerous clients, we've seen the need for rapid, service-level integration between SAP and other enterprise systems," says Scott Campbell, partner, SAP NetWeaver Integration Practice at MomentumSI. "The Above All Knowledge Pack for SAP R/3 Enterprise will accelerate the adoption of composite applications and eliminate a lot of the complexity and expense traditionally associated with adapter-level integration."

The Above All Composite Application Platform leverages growing investments in Web services and service-oriented architecture to enable just-in-time assembly of composite apps—integrated solutions that pull together business functionality and information from multiple disparate sources. In addition to the Above All Knowledge Pack for SAP R/3 Enterprise, Above All provides Knowledge Packs for packaged applications, legacy technologies, and Web services.