SOA vendors partner to promote governance interoperability

Several service-oriented architecture vendors have joined forces to support SOA Link, an end-to-end SOA Governance Interoperability Initiative.

The fifteen founding members of SOA Link include AmberPoint, Composite Software, Forum Systems, Infravio, Intalio, IONA, JBoss, Layer 7 Technologies, LogicBlaze, NetIQ, ParaSoft, Reactivity, SOA Software, SymphonySoft, and webMethods.

"In the early stages of a technology wave, enterprises need reassurances that technologies will work together," says James Governor, principal analyst at RedMonk. "SOA Link brings together some key vendors to assure just that by establishing a community of common interest."

Participants benefit by having the ability to publish services and associated policy to a system of record in a standardized way, and to be alerted to changes when they happen. Essentially, Governance Interoperability fosters the creation of a complete solution for SOA Governance and control.

SOA Link does not mandate a single API for interoperability. On the contrary, it is a public statement by partnered vendors that they will provide interoperable solutions to their customers. A customer buying SOA Link solutions can be assured that these products will work together to solve the problem of end-to-end SOA Lifecycle Governance.

All partners that participate in the program will be listed on a soon-to-be-launched Web site, which will host descriptions of successful integrations between products and provide a place where customers can verify working integrations. By participating, vendors promise to provide their customers with solutions that interoperate with other SOA Link vendors. Under the initiative, participants will jointly develop integration at the data, control and UI level between partner products. Members have also agreed to publicly support the SOA Link initiative and to contribute to a technical advisory group for shared learning and continued development.