JasperSoft launches new open-source BI server for Java developers

JasperSoft announced yesterday at the MYSQL User Conference that JasperServer, the company’s new open-source BI server, is available now.

According to the company, JasperServer integrates with MySQL and enables enterprise Java and LAMP developers, ISVs and non-technical users to generate and share reports in real time.

JasperServer is written in pure Java and fully supports PHP, Perl, Python and other scripting languages. Because it works as a standalone server or Web services reporting engine, the company claims JasperServer dramatically reduces the time required to build and deploy server apps that need reports. In addition, JasperServer’s reports can be embedded into Java and non-Java applications.

The new product can generate reports in a range of formats including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel and Word. It uses HTTP, SOAP, Web services, and Java APIs to communicate with other apps, and can retrieve data using JDBC, POJO and XML.

Licensing for JasperServer is available under the GPL open-source and commercial licenses. Go to the JasperSoft Web site for details.