EMC announces managed services portfolio

EMC has introduced a managed services portfolio that enables customers to manage their information storage infrastructure with help from onsite EMC personnel. The company claims its technology solutions group reduces enterprise costs, accelerates productivity and improves service levels by targeting customer needs directly and efficiently. Customers can select the appropriate level of managed services for their business, either supplementing their existing storage operations or signing on for overall, long-term storage management.

For example, Toyota Motorsport GmbH has selected EMC to help manage its storage environment. “EMC offered us expert service and a consultative relationship that allows us to focus more of our energy on the challenge that is the F1 series,” says Thomas Schiller, GM, IT.

EMC says the service packages it offers in its portfolio will enable its customers to decrease storage costs by matching their business needs to storage consumption. An EMC tracking tool assists customers in assessing their storage requirements. Onsite staff streamlines storage management and assists with provisioning following a spike in planned or unplanned storage demand.

"Managed services can allow companies to focus more of their IT resources on projects specific to meeting their business objectives, while leaving day-to-day storage management activities to specialists brought in from the outside," says Doug Chandler, program director, IDC Storage Software and Services.

For more info, go to EMC's Web site.