Two free utilities for developers

Lumen Software has released two free utilities: Lumenation v6.0 SDK LightBulb, a middleware framework, and AJAX z-Windows engine. According to Lumen, it aims to provide users with business-ready AJAX/LAMP+ app dev, no matter their backgrounds in platforms such as Java, ASP, FoxPro, Access and Dbase.

Lumentation includes the Lumenation Interactive Desktop System and Lumen Interactive Components, which use Lumen's AJAX z-Windows engine to enhance browser functionality. The platform features secure, role-based access to apps and databases, as well as the ability to manage and access databases (Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and Microsoft, to name a few) simultaneously. The utility also includes an array of admin tools, which the company says simplify and automate management processes for developers.

“Everyone associated with Linux knows that Microsoft is building applications for specific industries and Linux has to find a way to combat this,” says Ted Lymer, CMO of Lumen Software. The solution is what the company calls “a cohesive environment that will quickly mechanize Linux at the application level and propel it past file and print services into the main stream.”

The free software—a Lumentation/LAMP+ stack installation process—is available now for Novell SuSe, RedHat and other distributions.