Enterprise service bus for serviced-enabled environments

By ADT Staff

New features in IONA Technologies’ Artix 4.0, the latest version of the company's extensible Enterprise Service Bus, address the needs of customers deploying SOA in highly complex, mission-critical heterogeneous environments, the company says in a statement. Customers have the flexibility to choose how to leverage existing IT assets, adopt their solutions incrementally, and manage and deploy their infrastructure.

According to IONA, unlike other, single-protocol vendor offerings, Artix’s featured BPEL-based orchestration enables coordination across multiple protocols and platforms; users have more deployment options since BPEL can be executed either at the endpoint or as an intermediary. Artix's Eclipse-based development environment permits orchestration flows to be added easily to SOA environments without requiring code changes.

Artix 4.0 also supports WS-RM, delivering standards-based reliable messaging using SOAP messages over HTTP, alleviating concerns about potentially costly vendor lock-in. It’s deployed as a plugin, so that support can be adopted incrementally according to the users’ business requirements. Artix 4.0 now also ships with support for JMS as a standard messaging API, making it easier for organizations that do not already have a messaging platform in place to take advantage of Artix.

Other enhancements to Artix 4.0 include support for z/OS environments and the ability to connect MQ clients directly with IMS and CICS environments.

Pricing for the Artix runtime is $10,000 per CPU; plugins begin at $2,500 per CPU.

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