Seagull Software makes a play for IBM's MDp users

By ADT Staff

Seagull Software, a provider of solutions that transform legacy business apps into service-oriented architecture assets, announced that LegaSuite for CICS supports a migration path for customers using IBM's Message-Driven processor (formerly marketed by Early, Cloud & Company).

"Because IBM has announced withdrawal of support for MDp, customers are looking for replacements," says Andre den Haan, VP of product strategy for Seagull Software.

IBM was contacted for this story but did not comment by press time.

IBM customers can replace MDp with LegaSuite without any changes to the mainframe apps, or to the client apps that connect to MDp. LegaSuite also offers conversion utilities. "The goal is to replace MDp as transparently as possible to the other apps on either end," says den Haan.  

"Enterprises are still struggling to find the best ways to rapidly implement their service oriented architecture plans," says Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst with ZapThink. "With Seagull's LegaSuite solution, customers can take a big step forward by 'leapfrogging' from an older generation of middleware straight to SOA Web services, without disrupting ongoing business operations."

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