Infravio and Layer 7 announce SOA governance interoperability

By ADT Staff

Partnerships to provide interoperability among products designed to support governance of service-oriented architectures continue to be announced this week. Infravio and Layer 7 Technologies have completed integration between their respective SOA solutions, X-Registry Platform and SecureSpan. This level of integration provides interaction between policies and contracts, which are maintained in X-Registry Platform and SOA security enforced by the SecureSpan gateway, according to the companies.

Layer 7's SecureSpan is a set of products designed to govern and accelerate Web service integrations spanning security and identity domains without the need for inflexible programming.

"Our customers have been asking us for advice on how to grow their security architecture into a full framework for SOA governance," says Dimitri Sirota, VP of marketing and alliances for Layer 7. "Infravio's X-Registry provides our customers with comprehensive governance capabilities around work-flow and lifecycle management for policies enforced by our SecureSpan Gateway."

Available now, the integration between Layer 7 and Infravio supports lifecycle management of security policy metadata, and bi-directional integration of Registry Repository and runtime environments. For more information, visit Infravio or Layer 7.