Xerox launches two new versions of DocuShare Content Management Software

By ADT Staff

Xerox Corporation today unveiled DocuShare CPX and DocuShare 5.0; both products, separately or together, handle document and content management for business needs. The company promises mix-and-match flexibility with both types of software on the simplicity of a single platform.

DocuShare CPX is targeted at large enterprises and public sector organizations, with a focus on internal content-sharing and automation of critical work processes. In addition to the core capabilities of DocuShare 5.0, DocuShare CPX offers some significant new features. Through a new collaboration with WebEx Communications, DocuShare CPX now provides Web conferencing capability to unify even geographically-dispersed finance teams for meetings, announcements and related documentation. It also provides support for Web conferencing and social computing features like blogs and wikis, promising easy management and record-keeping for future audits.

Together with NASA, Xerox developed what they call a "Knowledge Network" to allow XML-based content within documents to be repurposed for future use. Semi-structured data, like business forms and templates, can be managed through existing user interfaces in commonly used applications like MSOffice.

Department of Defense-certified records management capabilities are also included, enabling workers to classify and declare documents as records for Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliance purposes.

DocuShare is fully Web-based, which the company claims'll differentiate it from competitive ECM products. It works across multiple OS, and can integrate with databases from Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. Users also have a variety of browser options, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Opera and Firefox. The company promises ease of installation with auto-deployment and minimal need for IT support, and says both products integrate well with existing Xerox offerings such as SMARTSend and WorkCentre ® Pro.

Both products are available beginning in April. The entry-level price for a complete DocuShare 5.0 system with 20 seats starts at $4,500, and a 100-seat system of DocuShare CPX starts at $45,000. Further volume pricing and additional information is available.