Jinfonet and Composite team on solution to view and analyze data in real time

By ADT Staff  

Jinfonet Software, a provider of embeddable reporting solutions for enterprise applications, and Composite Software, a provider of on-demand data integration, Monday announced they partnered to offer JReport OnDemand Integration. The partners say the product will offer out-of-the-box information integration capabilities and will be co-marketed and co-sold.

JReport OnDemand Integration allows reports to be created based on information from different sources distributed throughout an organization as if the data exists in a single place.

By using the combination of enterprise information integration (EII) with embedded reporting, customers can create reports based on information that spans multiple applications and sources, allowing a more comprehensive picture of business operations. With the growing number of data sources in today's IT environment, data integration is an ever-important requirement.

"We regularly see the need to combine information integration with a sophisticated reporting offering," said Christian Nall, vice president of worldwide field operations, Composite Software. "Composite pulls together the key technology elements that contain relevant data, and Jinfonet provides the reporting and presentation layer. The end user now has unprecedented access to enterprise information as well as a comprehensive way to visualize and analyze the information."

Because JReport and Composite's flagship product, Composite Integration Server(TM) (CIS), are both 100 percent Java based, they can be embedded directly into any application or Java environment, thus becoming a native part of the offering.

Information is presented in full-featured reports that display the data in numerous, customizable reports and charts. Product users can control, customize and navigate report views. Through ad-hoc and interactive reporting, they can investigate real-time actionable information.

Jinfonet OnDemand Integration is generally available.