Virtually reflexive response to security threats

By ADT Staff

Reflex Security’s newly released Reflex VSA, which the company claims is the industry's first virtual security appliance for virtualized environments, enables enterprises to secure those networks with firewall protection and intrusion prevention.

The patent-pending technology fills the security void left by traditional network security solutions that reside outside of the virtual infrastructure and are not fully capable of detecting and protecting against breaches inside virtualized resources, the company says in a statement.

While virtualization technology can give virtual machines a logical partition level, breaches can still occur from threats originating outside or within the host machine, leaving all virtualized apps and networks exposed and unprotected.

"Security layers in a virtualized network should be no different than in a real network, with protection required on the internal network as well as the perimeter," says Hezi Moore, Reflex Security CTO. "The virtualized environment becomes the new internal network. Threats can only be detected and mitigated by security inspection residing inside the virtualized environment and on the virtualized network."

Reflex VSA is a virtualized network security appliance that operates within a virtual network and replicates the operational attributes and interfaces of a physical network security appliance, while supporting the Reflex Security apps.

The Reflex VSA will initially support the VMware ESX server. For more info, go to Reflex Security.