Idera releases two more SQL Server 2005 tools

By ADT Staff


Idera is rolling out two more tools for SQL Server 2005, SQL diagnostic manager version 4.1 and SQLschedule version 2.5.

SQL diagnostic manager provides real-time performance monitoring, alerting, and metrics that help database administrators diagnose and fix SQL Server performance and availability problems in minutes rather than hours or days, according to the company. The product also offers extensive SQL Server historical metrics showing the health and performance of databases over time—enabling capacity planning and trend analysis.

SQL Server database administrators must often spend countless hours managing and overseeing SQL Server jobs manually. SQLschedule centralizes and automates management of all SQL Server jobs, making it easy to monitor and control jobs across the enterprise and providing immediate notification if any job experiences trouble. SQLschedule version 2.5 provides full support for SQL Server 2005 and 64 bit environments including Intel Itanium 2 and x64. Click here for more information on both products.