SOA vendors partner with LogicLibrary to create integrated governance platform

Service-oriented architecture vendors Blue Titan Software, TopCoder and Metallect have joined forces with LogicLibrary to support an end-to-end approach to SOA governance, from development through deployment.

Enhanced integration among Blue Titan Network Director, TopCoder's software component catalogs, Metallect IQ Server and LogicLibrary’s repository/registry Logidex is designed to allow app developers to make informed decisions about service usage in the app dev lifecycle. These integration points make performance, routing and policy information about a deployed service available to architects, designers and developers so services can be managed, maintained and versioned more effectively.

The Logidex repository allows orgs to manage governance processes in services production, applying not only to deployed services but also services under development or architectural review. For asset consumption, developers need an easy way to access artifacts, which are usually stored in other systems of record, such as source change management or document management systems. In this case, for asset and artifact consumption, Logidex acts as a registry because it points to the artifacts in its own local repository and other externally integrated repositories.

"The primary benefits of SOA are service integration and reuse. Industry standards and partnerships are the key enablers for these benefits," says Julie Craig, analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "The integrated platform created by LogicLibrary, Blue Titan, TopCoder and Metallect is significant because it gives customers a registry/repository combination that facilitates requirement-to-retirement governance of software development assets. Logidex provides the registry/repository, TopCoder contributes software component catalogs, Metallect adds discovery and dependency mapping, and Blue Titan supplies the SOA fabric. Together, they yield a low-risk SOA solution that provides substantial value to customers."

For more information, visit LogicLibrary.