SOA Software is first with registry independent SOA suite

SOA Software is launching what it claims is the first registry-independent SOA platform. The product suite is compatible with UDDIv3-based registries from other vendors, such as Flashline, Infravio, LogicLibrary and Systinet.

This launch is indicative of the rapid maturing of the enterprise SOA market and in particular the adoption of UDDI-based registries as a fundamental building block, according to the company. As large enterprises expand their SOA, UDDI registries are becoming part of SOA governance solutions.

"SOA management solutions provide a fundamental foundation for run-time governance of enterprise SOA, and when integrated with registries, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts," says Anne Thomas Manes, an analyst at Burton Group. "Registries can use SOA management solutions to help manage the service provisioning process, and SOA management solutions can use registries to maintain information about managed services and to learn about new services that need to be provisioned and managed."

SOA Software offers SOA management, mainframe Web services and B2B Web services security products. Service Manager, SOLA and XML VPN all offer integration with UDDIv3 registry products. They all connect directly to the registry as a service repository without requiring their own proprietary service database. This direct connection avoids inefficient, non-scalable synchronization to ensure a truly enterprise-class solution, according to the company. For more information, visit SOA.