Cassatt automates Java app virtualization

Cassatt announced general availability of its Collage Web Automation Module. The software, which supports BEA WebLogic Server 8.1, is designed to help IT orgs with server consolidation by providing Java app virtualization and management for J2EE apps.

Orgs have traditionally dedicated app resources sufficient to handle peak loads, meaning that as much as 90 percent of their resources sit idle most of the time, waiting for infrequent load spikes. The WAM creates a virtual pool of an organization's Java app resources--hardware, operating systems and middleware--freeing them to be used by all apps. The software automatically matches apps to appropriate computing resources in order to maintain the service levels that the business requires of each of its critical Java apps.

"The Cassatt WAM software enables enterprises to manage service-level agreements automatically," says John Humphreys, IDC Enterprise Systems. "In complex, service-oriented architecture environments, customers can link application resources with business requirements. With WAM, Cassatt provides a policy-based automation solution in which IT services can be managed automatically by the software to meet the service commitments of the organization."

The WAM software provides specific, automated management and control capabilities for apps built using BEA WebLogic Server 8.1. The pooling of virtual resources breaks the tight coupling between J2EE apps, BEA WebLogic Server and hardware in order to help maximize existing resources. The Cassatt software also automates many of the steps orgs must currently handle manually to keep apps built on BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 or other J2EE app servers running optimally.

The Cassatt Collage Web Automation Module, with support for BEA WebLogic Server version 8.1, is now generally available. WAM is available for the Linux and Solaris operating systems. For more information, visit Cassatt.