Ten times the application development platform

TenFold announced a major release of its EnterpriseTenFold applications development platform, EnterpriseTenFold SOA 2006.

EnterpriseTenFold SOA 2006 has almost 50 new features designed to make building enterprise applications faster, make application production more robust and make production management more cost effective. Some highlights of the new EnterpriseTenFold 2006 features are:

SOA compliance: Users can build an enterprise-scale application as a collection of services by using EnterpriseTenFold to use existing services or by using EnterpriseTenFold to build services that are shared with other applications.

Expanded Web service capabilities: Users can use any existing Web service in a TenFold-powered application and can publish any part of the TenFold application as a standard-compliant Web service.

User interface enhancements: Users can customize application color themes, create application-specific navigation shortcuts, enter dates with a single keystroke, control the exact display of user interface grids and fully control BrowserClient transactions styles.

Even more TenFoldTools power: TenFoldTools in EnterpriseTenFold SOA 2006 provides more power and flexibility to applications developers. Users may fully control menu entries, field and container sizes in transaction layouts, execute complex processing with powerful FirstFunctions, dynamically change transactions behavior with context-sensitive FieldActions and define BrowserClient display settings in TenFoldTools.

New TenFoldTools transactions: TenFold's applications development continually builds new features and functionality, including BuildExcel-It, BuildHierarchy, DisplayThemes and TranslateApplication, and enhances transactions such as BuildTransaction and BuildMenu.

Authentication and security: This release comes with added authentication integration and security features such as AuthenticationAdapters expansion interface and a specific SiteMinder AuthenticationAdaptor.

Additional applications platforms: TenFold regularly adds support for new operating systems and RDBMS. EnterpriseTenFold SOA 2006 adds support for newer Oracle client interfaces, BrowserClient support for Safari and Firefox browsers and the Apache Web server, additional flavors of Linux such as CentOS 4.1 and SuSE 8, another open-source database called EnterpriseDB 2005, and newer versions of the open-source MySQL database.

Applications production robustness: Also improved are TenFold-powered applications production stability, performance and health monitoring. The company enhanced load balancing, enabled DBAs to trace slow-performing SQL and improved thin-client resilience in faulty networks.

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