Sonic takes action

Sonic Software today announced the availability of Actional 6.0, the latest release of its service-oriented architecture platform. This release marks a new generation of SOA management technology, with the introduction of Business Process Visibility, the first business process-centric approach to SOA visibility and management, according to Sonic. Actional 6.0 allows business and IT users to gain a comprehensive view of individual business processes and their supporting business services and IT infrastructure, while enforcing policies at the business process level.

Unlike the previous generations of SOA management, which provide only infrastructure-centric management of discrete services, Actional 6.0 allows organizations to discover end-to-end business processes as they execute individual business transactions, and then to manage the SOA from a business process-centric perspective, as well as manage individual business services.

Additional major functionality in Actional 6.0 includes automated runtime governance, which provides auto-discovery and auto-enforcement of policies for services and processes, and Trust Zones security to prevent unauthorized or non-compliant usage of services, deterring potential attacks within the SOA network. Actional 6.0 also delivers a new Web-based graphical user interface, enhanced standards support and an expanded range of platform support.

Anyone may join Sonic Software for an introduction to Actional 6.0 on Wednesday, March 15 at 1 p.m. ET. To register, go to Actional Events.