Information Builders collaborates on intelligent search

Information Builders is rolling out WebFOCUS Intelligent Search, an enterprise search tool. By linking unstructured and structured data, WebFOCUS Intelligent Search gives business users full access to enterprise information, according to the company. This is accomplished through the collaboration of Google, Information Builders and iWay Software.

With the majority of corporate data ensnared in structured data sources such as databases that elude Google search capabilities, iWay's integration capabilities enable these data stores to be included in enterprise searches in tandem with accessible unstructured data sources such as HTML files. WebFOCUS can then merge and analyze the data to provide BI reports from the formerly disjointed information.

In today's enterprise, all core applications are fed information from messages that flow through the networks and connect the enterprise. The iWay Enterprise Index monitors these networks and transforms all messages into formats that can be indexed by the Google Search Appliance. The index chronicles any and all available enterprise data regardless of its current form, such as B2B, EDI, ERP, flat files or Web services. Google runs the front-end of the system, and no user training is required. Hits from search terms entered provide users with relevant information stored in the core applications.

Because Information Builders' WebFOCUS can natively read every database and application, WebFOCUS then uses algorithms to connect the search terms with the hit information, original indexed material and the target to which the message was sent. WebFOCUS creates a report from that data target, enriching the available report for the requested information. For more information, visit Information Builders.