Shortage of talent impedes enterprise RFID deployment

Deployment of radio frequency identification technology continues to be hampered by a shortage of individuals skilled in the technology, according to a new survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association.

Seventy-five percent of the technology companies participating in the CompTIA survey say they believe there is not enough RFID talent to go around. That figure is down slightly from a similar survey conducted in 2005, when 80 percent of respondents said there was a shortage of RFID talent.

Among companies that believe there is a talent shortage, 80 percent say the lack of individuals skilled in RFID will affect adoption of the technology. The figure is significantly higher than a year ago, when 53 percent of responding companies said the shortage of talent would have a negative impact on RFID adoption.

"RFID is a complex and still evolving technology, and expertise is absolutely required for its usage to be a success," says David Sommer, VP, electronic commerce at CompTIA. "The skill sets and need-to-knows related to RFID are many and varied. Clearly there is work to be done in our industry in terms of RFID education, training and professional certification."

More information on the CompTIA RFID skill survey is available at Comptia.