Aldon offers up DB change management

Aldon says it has added database change management capability to its Application Lifecycle Management, which adds levels of process management, integrity and predictability to database development.

Aldon's database change management solution supports all major database vendors, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Sybase Rapid SQL. Several key components in the DB change management solution interact to ensure database integrity, define processes and help development teams work more efficiently, Aldon says.

First, the Aldon Suite includes an "incident and database change request management" component, allowing users to coordinate, monitor, report on and improve overall visibility of database issues and projects.

A second component is "workflow and database project management," which enables IT managers to enforce workflow procedures and track the efforts of the individual developers, while automating most of their change management tasks.

A third component is "database source and object configuration management," which allows users to define configurations, logically group files into named configurations or releases as required, all the while allowing SQL code to be kept in mind and managed along with all other application code.

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