Software AG unveils next-gen versions of Adabas and Natural

Software AG has introduced next-gen versions of its Adabas transactional database and Natural development platform. Adabas 2006 and Natural 2006 are designed to provide customers with a greater return on their IT infrastructure investment, based upon new tools that enable SOA, Web services, open-source development environments and AJAX-based rich Internet apps, the company says.

In addition, cross-platform support and event-driven data replication provide enterprises with the freedom to choose and mix the development and deployment platforms that address their business needs.

"Our customer service system runs on Adabas, and we built it ourselves using Natural," says David Lee, a business and technology manager for National Gypsum Company. "This system is a key competitive differentiator for us; we have been the leader in customer service in our industry for the past 7 years."

Software AG says it plans to add to its Adabas and Natural product portfolios, with Adabas SOA Gateway and Natural Business Services, both of which the company announced earlier this month.

For more info, see Adabas 2006. To download a free, personal Windows version of the product, see Natural 2006.