BPM suite stacked on top of an SOA

Tibco Software says it has integrated its BPM suite with its business integration products, enabling its customers to layer BPM on top of an SOA. Consequently, Tibco's customers are able to transform their monolithic CRM, ERP and legacy apps into discrete, reusable services, then combine and orchestrate them to support complex business processes, Tibco says.

Tibco integrated its iProcess engine with its BusinessWorks BPM suite to make it a better fit in an SOA. According to Tibco, the benefits are real-time monitoring to improve business efficiency, increased visibility into process performance, reduced downtime and an improved user interface for compliance with next-gen tech such as Asynchronous, JavaScript and XML for developing rich Internet apps.

The Tibco BPM suite is generally available to customers. For more info, click here.