Data profiling pros welcome TS Discovery 5.0

Analysts say the new TS Discovery 5.0 data profiling tool is Trillium Software's strongest profiling offering to date. And in a marketplace that's still trying to find its feet in the aftermath of Pitney Bowes' abortive acquisition of data quality pure play Firstlogic, that's not a bad thing.

Trillium acquired its data profiling technology 2 years ago from Avelino Technologies, and has since augmented it with a pair of new releases, first in late 2004 (TS Discovery 4.0), then in the first quarter of last year (TS Discovery 4.1, which delivered UniCode support). Neither release can hold a candle to TS Discovery 5.0, says Rob Lerner, an analyst for data management with Current Analysis.

For example, Lerner says, TS Quality users can now launch TS Discovery functions without leaving the program. Also, TS Discovery ships with data cleansing capabilities, which can be executed from the TS Discovery GUI. On top of this, users can amend or recode data structures and values from within TS Discovery; re-profile cleansed data; and export cleansed and profiled data in TS Discovery to files.

"TS Discovery now enables users to run business rules against any source system. Prior versions enabled users to build and share business rules, but in 5.0, users can actually externalize the execution of the rules against any data source," Lerner says. "This expands the capabilities of the solution, and effectively enables one to use the capabilities to monitor data and business rules standards at their sources."

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Stephen Swoyer is a contributing editor for Enterprise Systems. He can be reached at [email protected].