WebEx lets loose on-demand system management services

On Monday, WebEx set out after the $6-billion-in-2005 worldwide system management software business with a new on-demand solution. The WebEx System Management Services offering provides on-demand remote access, and support and maintenance capabilities that enable business owners and IT departments to manage, protect and secure software and hardware investments. As a service, there’s no software to install or maintain, thereby eliminating the usual risks and costs common to complex software implementations, WebEx says.

The service, targeted mainly to SMBs, provides access to remote systems, patch management, online backup, software distribution and licensing compliance, asset management, virus protection and more, regardless of location.

WebEx partnered with Everdream, an on-demand system management company, “to create an enterprise-grade, easy-to-use system management service that delivers value to businesses of all sizes, for a fraction of the cost of traditional legacy software solutions,” says WebEx VP Gary Griffiths.
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