Keynote frees service to crawl enterprise Web sites

Keynote Systems released yesterday the latest version of its WebIntegrity service, which scans areas of a Web site not previously accessible through software solutions, according to the company.

"Checking complex Web sites for quality, usability and compliance can be difficult and time-consuming, even with sophisticated Web content management tools," says Andi Mann, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "WebIntegrity neatly complements these tools by substantially automating this process, and will take a lot of effort out of Web site design and maintenance."

The service crawls along paths that require client interaction to move to the next page. This new scripted option in the scan provides extensive dynamic navigation support, deeper penetration through form and search fields, paths generated with JavaScript and forms and submissions used for navigation, WebIntegrity asserts.

As a hosted service or an appliance, WebIntegrity enables site managers to gain control over Web site content more quickly and reliably, reduce bandwidth costs, support design compatibility and ensure compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the company adds.
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