TRUSTe relies on AppLabs for download program

TRUSTe said this week it has chosen AppLabs Technologies to test the technical operation of software applicants to its Trusted Download beta program launching early this year. This announcement marks the first time TRUSTe will include outside technology experts to qualify applicants for the company's privacy programs.

AppLabs currently manages more than 20 certification programs for security services for everything from desktops to servers. AppLabs also has experience with authentication providers, password management, anti-piracy, document protection, mail security, spyware/malware, Web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, and enterprise incident reporting solutions.

AppLabs will be responsible for reviewing software submitted for a wide range of behaviors which include confirming the absence of prohibited functionality, confirming that there are no time-bomb components that become active after installation and that the uninstall function is complete. AppLabs will also monitor apps found through affiliate programs.

The Trusted Download program was announced in November of 2005. TRUSTe will begin accepting applications during the beta period in the first quarter of 2006. Partners include Yahoo!, AOL, CA, CNET Networks and Verizon.