SANs and clustering have a 2-year upside, survey says

About 3 in 5 enterprise developers expect to increase their reliance on SANs and clustering in the next 2 years, according to Evans Data's recent enterprise development survey.

"The rise of the use of clustering makes good business sense since downtime online translates directly into lost revenue, and clustering allows for load balancing and fault tolerance to keep servers up and running and serving employee, client and new customer needs," says John Andrews, president and COO. "The use of SANs for storage is smart as well because they allow systems to be administered, added or removed easily without affecting the overall system adversely."

Other findings from the December 2005 survey of nearly 400 enterprise developers:

* J2EE is used in the enterprise by more than 60 percent of developers, an 11 percent increase in 6 months; about 40 percent of developers in SMBs use the language.

* In the last year, the use of UNIX (all flavors including Mac OS X but not including Linux) in the enterprise has grown by almost 40 percent while the use of Windows (all versions) has dropped by 18 percent.

* The top 3 security solutions for wireless devices are: mobile anti-virus software, 19 percent; content filtering, 18 percent; and requiring critical updates before access to the enterprise is granted, 18 percent.