AberdeenGroup Forecast: CIOs can save billions through SOA

The world's largest companies can save up to $53 billion in IT spending over the next 5 years by implementing service-oriented architectures, according to a new benchmark report from AberdeenGroup.

Yet the research, The SOA in IT Benchmark Report, says the business benefits of SOA remain largely untapped. A survey of nearly 300 IT and business executives, which formed the basis for the report, found that only 16 percent of companies have had more than 24 months of experience with SOAs.
"Companies cannot expect business benefits from SOA before the IT department has been able to assimilate what SOA can do for them," says William Mougayar, VP at AberdeenGroup and author of the report. "The number-one cascading effect of SOA's benefits for IT is the development of new products and capabilities, but this is only possible after full-lifecycle SOA implementations."

AberdeenGroup has found that companies that have had experience in the full cycle of SOA implementations have been able to quantify their benefits in three major categories: (1) speed of deployment, (2) easier integration, and (3) faster customization and updates.

The SOA in IT Benchmark Report offers insights on adoption patterns for key SOA technologies over the next 24 months.

"This is a golden opportunity for CIOs to focus on the end result of SOA business benefits rather than become enamored by the technology itself," Mougayar says. "A compelling business context is much easier to sell once a well-defined SOA implementation is fully delivered."
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