Flashline announces best practices for service-oriented architecture

SOA software provider Flashline is offering consulting services to help companies better govern SOA and manage Web services. The SOA services are based on best practices gained through Flashline's experience with Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies in SOA engagements. These new services, combined with the professional services the company already offers customers for software asset management, reuse, architecture and governance, complement the Flashline for SOA registry/repository.

A framework of proven managerial and organizational practices for executives and architects forms the foundation of the consulting services, which include program management, service portfolio management, service release management and project portfolio productivity. Through iterative cycles and practices, orgs can incorporate a systematic and governed approach to SOA planning, development, deployment and management through software asset portfolio management.

Flashline's SOA services ensure that customers are investing in the right Web services and that Web services are aligned with business priorities, according to the company. With sound SOA management, reuse and governance practices in place, enterprises can track the full lifecycle of Web services and other assets, manage policies, monitor progress toward the target architecture and develop solutions within the requirements of the architecture.

As the SOA program advances, Flashline supports customers through periodic program assessments to help them stay aligned with the goals of the SOA deployment and deliver measurable, ongoing business value through SOA. For more information, visit